Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Drink Water While Standing


Nothing can quench your thirst more effectively than water. It plays an important role in keeping you hydrated, and just so you know, there are many health issues and illnesses that are related to dehydration and overhydration (and even weight issues) that can be resolved if you just keep up with the intake of water in the recommended range (2.7 litres to 3.7 litres) on a daily basis. 

In simple words, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day in order to maintain optimal health.

You must take into consideration when and how you consume the water if you want to gain the maximum benefit from it. 

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Concerns for drinking water include the following:

  • When drinking water, always sit down. If you drink water while standing, it will rush unfiltered, and with enormous force, into your stomach. The water pollutants could then collect in the bladder, endangering your kidneys.
  • Additionally, drinking water while standing up can cause it to pass through the body’s system quickly, which can impair the function of your heart and lungs.


Your digestive system could suffer if you drink water while you’re standing. This is because drinking water while standing causes it to pass quickly and forcefully through the food canal and directly land on the lower stomach. Also, the nerves become tight, disrupting the fluid balance and increasing toxins, leading to indigestion.

Cause of arthritis

Drinking water while standing can cause excess fluid in the joints, which can exacerbate joint inflammation and damage the joints. It is always advisable to drink water while you are seated. 

Kidney problems

Water that is consumed while standing has a tendency to pass through unfiltered to the lower stomach under strong pressure. According to experts, this causes the accumulation of water pollutants in the bladder, which harms the kidneys’ ability to function and may even result in urinary tract problems. It has been observed that when we sit, our kidneys filter more effectively.

Lung damage risk

The vital nutrients and vitamins don’t reach the liver and digestive system when you drink water while standing. Water that is consumed while standing poses a risk to the health of your heart and lungs since it travels through your body so quickly and interrupts the oxygen level.

Don’t trigger the nerves

Standing up and drinking water makes the body out of sync with nature and triggers the nervous system, making it feel it is facing danger. The nutrients really go waste this way and your body is bound to face stress or tension.

Final thoughts 

Consequently, there is a very good reason to sit down and drink your water slowly, just as it is also advised that you should sit down and eat your food. Our bodies are built so that sitting down and maintaining an upright posture provides the greatest health benefits. The nutrients enter the brain and boost brain activity when you drink water from a bottle or glass while seated.

Additionally, doing it in this manner helps promote digestion and ensures that you don’t feel bloated after drinking water. This kind of water consumption follows a routinely planned path, ensuring that the organs receive all the benefits. Your whole health improves as toxins are flushed out, and pollutants are removed more effectively. 

Furthermore, you should also undergo preventive health checkups. These health checkups give a complete report about your health, allowing you to take necessary precautionary measures to improve your well-being and keep various ailments at bay.

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The post Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Drink Water While Standing appeared first on HEALTHIANS BLOG.

The post Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Drink Water While Standing appeared first on HEALTHIANS BLOG.

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